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Real Estate Weekend Crash Course
Specializing Only In Real Estate Licensing "Exclusive" To The State Of California
We do not have licensing programs for other states, nor programs for other careers, as over the past 75 years, four generations of our family have specialized exclusively in preparing students to pass the California Real Estate Sales Agent and Broker Exams.
Real Estate Weekend Crash Course
State's Top Instructor | 50 Years Experience
Don Schwartz is the 3rd generation in his family to teach and is considered by many to be the “Michael Jordan” of License Preparation. Don, at age 16, began by teaching the program at his father’s real estate school. His devotion, assisting students, and staying current with exam content, has made him the leading expert in this field. Don’s rare ability to take normally difficult information and using everyday examples to make it easy for all to understand, has been the reason that year after year, our school produces a higher success rate for our students than any other school, by far!. Head Instructor's Bio
Real Estate School in California
All New - Drive & Prep Audio Review
Failure of the State Exam is simply due to lack of study time. People normally busy with after-work duties and time spent with family have found themselves suddenly forced to use that necessary and valuable time to now study. Drive and Prep allows time normally wasted while driving to now be used to properly prepare for the exam...while preserving that normal lifestyle. Consists of nearly 14 hours of jammed packed audio information. The only program that allows your to "Study While You Drive"
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The Ultimate "Cram Course" Program
The "Quality" and "Content" of a program is critical to your success as it will dictate whether you pass or fail your state exam. That is why our Head Instructor has put all of his emphasis on creating an extraordinary program that truly surpasses anything you can possibly get anywhere else. While competitive programs are very limited, our Online Program consists of; 1) 7-1/2 hours of classroom video, 2) Exam Review Guide, a simple and easy to comprehend outline containing all the subject matter students will be tested on and used to follow along with the video, 3) Interactive testing with over 2000 Q&As, 4) A “Lightning Review Audio” to be listened to on the day of the State Exam and 5) Our newest addition, a 14-hour Drive & Prep Audio consisting of the 7-1/2 hour video converted to audio, 5-1/2 hours analyzing 243 Q&As, along with the 80 min. Lightning Review. (Repeat everything as often as needed during a 6 month full access term) .
Real Estate School in California
Your Own Personal Tutor and Chat Support
As the States "Most Experienced Instructor" Don Schwartz would usually charge $75 to $100 per hour as a personal tutor. For students that enroll in our program, he makes himself personally available, by providing his personal contact number to be used at anytime to counsel students and answers questions throughout the entire study process.
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200% Money Back Guarantee
Applies to all programs offering "Double Your Money Back" Examples: Sales Agent program refund would be $59 plus an additional $59 for a total of $118. Broker program refund $79 plus an additional $79 for a total of $158.

Real Estate Exam Preparation

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Ultimate "Cram Course" Program
Hard Copies
(Rewind, Fast Forward or Repeat as often as needed)
Follow Along Exam Review Guide (178-page)
Interactive Practice Testing (2000 Q&As)
Lightning Review Audio (80 min.)
Sales Agents: $59 Online Only *$79 Online and Hardcopies
Brokers: $79 Online Only *$99 Online And Hardcopies

(includes additional information for Brokers)

BONUS - Drive & Prep Audio Review (14 hrs)



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